Bambara beans /azigokoui/voandzou


Azigokoui is considered highly nutritious and been termed a complete food. They consist of about 65% carbohydrates, 18% protein ,and are rich in essential amino  acids including isoleucine,leucine ,lysine ,methionine ,phenylalanine ,threonine and valine. Azigokoui  are prepared in a a number of ways.They can be  eaten fresh or boiled after drying. They are roasted or fried and mixed with maize or plantains.They can be ground into a flour and used to prepare porridge.

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Bambara beans knows as Azigokoui in Togo are chickpea sized,hard,round seeds that, like peanuts ,ripen underground.The seeds vary in color from black ,dark brown ,red ,white ,cream or combination of these colors. Bambara  beans have a nutty flavor not unlike a cross between a chickpea and pinto bean.


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